Hello, I am -

A digital product manager working with organizations to steward meaningful impact at scale.

I am a technical product manager with experience in developing both hardware and software product development. Currently, I hold a Senior Product Manager position at Fastly, where I manage languages and ecosystems for the serverless computing platform.

Previously, I co-founded a climate intelligence company, managed chatbots and conversational experiences, developed geospatial applications, created an augmented collaboration tool, and built a CNC machine capable of 3D printing glass at extremely high temperatures 🔥


  • Professional Scrum Product Owner I (PSPO I), Scrum.org, 2020
  • Getting Started with Apache Spark SQL, Databricks Academy, 2019
  • Getting Started with Apache Spark DataFrames, Databricks Academy, 2019
  • The Ultimate Hand-on Hadoop, Udemy, 2019
  • Kubernetes Microservices, Udemy, 2019
  • Computer Vision Nanodegree, Udacity, 2018
  • Docker Mastery, Udemy, 2018
  • Scaling up Docker, Udemy, 2018
  • Machine Learning A-Z, Udemy, 2017


  • Systems and Methods for Recommending Linear TV ContentSystems and Methods for Recommending Linear TV Content.
    US 10986408 · Issued Apr 20, 2021
  • System and Method of Retrieving and Conveying Sensitive Information When Using Voice Command Devices.
    US 10733278 · Issued Aug 4, 2020
  • Methods and Systems for Virtualizing a Target Object Within a Mixed Reality Presentation.
    US 10380803 · Issued Aug 13, 2019


Exhibitions and Workshops

  • Hosted Data-Visualization Workshop at Modelling Complex Urban Environments, WICI, Ontario, Canada, 2018
  • Panelist at Conference on The State of Green Roofs in New York City, 2018
  • Speaker at URExSRN Annual All Hands Meeting, demonstrated visualization platform, Phoenix Arizona, 2018
  • Hosted Data-Visualization Webinar lecture for URExSRN and distributed Cookbook for Urban Data Visualizations, 2018
  • Publication: “Solving Problems with Puzzles”, MISC Magazine, 2017
  • Speaker for Data-Visualization Seminar at “Resilient Cities, Livable Futures,” Data-Visualization Session. Urban Resilience to Weather-related Extremes Sustainability Research Network, The New School, New York, 2017
  • Publication: “Shape Changing Materials: Exploring Applications of Smart Memory Alloy with Fabric and 3D Visualizations”, Research Gate, 2016
  • Exhibited work at ACM, User Interface Software Technology Conference, Tokyo, 2016
  • Exhibited work at ACM, Spatial User Interfaces Conference, Tokyo, 2016
  • Exhibited work at FabCafe/Loftwork for YouFab Awards, Tokyo, 2016
  • Exhibited work at Between Spaces: MFA Design & Technology Thesis Show, New York 2016
  • Speaker at NYC Media Lab Annual Summit, New York, 2016
  • Exhibited work at NYC Media Lab IOT Media Mash, New York, 2016
  • Exhibited work at Boston Society of Architects Space, Boston, 2015
  • Exhibited work at Storefront Gallery for Art & Architecture, New York, 2015
  • Exhibited work at Metropolitan Museum of Art, Media Lab Expo, New York, 2015
  • Hosted Shape Changing Materials Workshop in collaboration with Noumena at The New School, 2016

Awards and Honors

  • Verizon Spotlight Award for performance excellence, 2019
  • Three Verizon Patent Awards for innovative digital experiences, 2018 - 2022
  • Finalist at YouFab Global Creative Awards. 2016, Tokyo
  • Verizon Connected Futures Grant 2015-16, New York
  • Departmental Honors, AMT, Parsons, New York, 2016
  • The New Challenge Award for achievement in social innovation, The New School, New York, 2016
  • NYC Media Lab Combine Grant for Post from the Past, New York, 2015
  • A+E Networks History Design Jam Award, New York, 2015
  • Runner-Up at Hack Multiple Sclerosis Tech Hackathon, Boston, 2015
  • Travel Fund awarded by The New School for research at Self Assembly Lab, New York, 2015
  • Travel Fund awarded by The New School for Biogen Idec Health 2.0 Hackathon, New York, 2015
  • Runner-Up at Pernod Ricard Hackathon, New York, 2015
  • Dean’s Merit Scholarship for MFA in Design & Technology, The New School, New York, 2014
  • Secured First Degree Division in B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering, CITM, India, 2012