Jaskirat Randhawa is

- Digital product developer working with organizations to steward meaningful impact at scale, using emerging technologies.


Maps and Roadmaps

My work spans across multiple disciplines, teaming with organizations to build category defining products and working proof-of-concepts. I’m currently a Product Manager with Verizon’s Digital Innovation and Strategy team, and also serve as a Lead Technical Developer at Urban Systems Lab, The New School in New York.

It is my passion for technical product development that allows me to comfortably take up multi-faceted roles. I am able to bridge the gap between latest technological tools, and an organization's initiatives, expanding opportunities to new creative avenues worthy of exploration.

Over last decade, I've focused on building intelligent products infused with cutting edge artificial intelligence to build better user experiences. At Verizon, I manage the implementation of automating conversational support through bots. In short, chatbots. The infrastructure orchestrates broadly over 2 million of customer queries per month across multiple digital channels. I oversee implementation and evaluation of hundreds of self-serving in-line use cases and bot intents by providing team support as a liaison between Engineering and Business units. Outside my core responsibilities, I lead certain initiatives for research and development of new product proposals and trials, in collaboration with different business units distributed pan US.

Recently, at Urban Systems Lab, I’ve designed and developed a geo-spatial data visualization platform at for displaying social, ecological and technical model outputs for cities and translating those into insights for various agencies like city councils and government institutions. The platform has been leverage by Urban Resilience to Extremes Sustainability Research Network (UREx SRN) to communicate science to over 10 US and Latin-American metropolitan cities. I am immersed in project planning, task prioritization and execution to support several research goals of this multi-institutional network.

Over my lifetime, I have acquired valuable skills for leading projects by taking ownership to meet the shared goals of an organization. My background in design, drives me to critically about product decisions ingrained in formulating effective business strategies. As a developer, I am cognizant about the benefits and impact any technical decisions have on the organization, evaluating key choices right down to the atomic level of each data point.  

Product & Technical


A short list of professional skills acquired through while working in various technical and management domains.

Product Development

  • Strategic planning, prioritization and implementation
  • Presenting concepts and narratives for creative business decisions
  • Evaluating project feasibility for budget and operations approvals
  • Leading reporting of product KPIs through to completion
  • Driving business adoption of Agile product development methodologies
  • Cross-team collaboration for goal-setting, and impact assessment
  • Fluent in English and Hindi languages

Technical Abilities

  • Full-Stack Development: Node.js, Vue.js, Mongodb and Firebase
  • GIS data processing and visualizations
  • Technical prototyping, and proof-of-concepts
  • Application containerization with Docker & Kubernetes
  • Cloud computing on Amazon Web Services
  • Git based source control and development
  • Hands-on familiarity with machine learning processes
  • Website design and development
  • Hands-on experience with Hadoop ecosystem
A few notables


Series of engagements at multiple international forums.

Exhibitions, Workshops, and Publications

  • Hosted Data-Visualization Workshop at Modelling Complex Urban Environments, WICI, Ontario, Canada, 2018
  • Panelist at Conference on The State of Green Roofs in New York City, 2018
  • Speaker at URExSRN Annual All Hands Meeting, demonstrated visualization platform, Phoenix Arizona, 2018
  • Hosted Data-Visualization Webinar lecture for URExSRN and distributed Cookbook for Urban Data Visualizations, 2018 
  • Publication: “Solving Problems with Puzzles”, MISC Magazine, 2017
  • Speaker for Data-Visualization Seminar at “Resilient Cities, Livable Futures,” Data-Visualization Session. Urban Resilience to Weather-related Extremes Sustainability Research Network, The New School, New York, 2017
  • Publication: “Shape Changing Materials: Exploring Applications of Smart Memory Alloy with Fabric and 3D Visualizations”, Research Gate, 2016
  • Co-author for symposium at Urban Climate Resilience at Ecological Society of America, 2018
  • Publication: "Stickie: Mobile Device Supported Spatial Collaborations" to the proceedings and ACM Digital Library, 2016
  • Exhibited work at ACM, User Interface Software Technology Conference, Tokyo, 2016
  • Exhibited work at ACM, Spatial User Interfaces Conference, Tokyo, 2016
  • Exhibited work at FabCafe/Loftwork for YouFab Awards, Tokyo, 2016 
  • Exhibited work at Between Spaces: MFA Design & Technology Thesis Show, New York 2016
  • Speaker at NYC Media Lab Annual Summit, New York, 2016
  • Exhibited work at NYC Media Lab IOT Media Mash, New York, 2016
  • Exhibited work at Boston Society of Architects Space, Boston, 2015
  • Exhibited work at Storefront Gallery for Art & Architecture, New York, 2015
  • Exhibited work at Metropolitan Museum of Art, Media Lab Expo, New York, 2015
  • Hosted Shape Changing Materials Workshop in collaboration with Noumena at The New School, 2016

Awards and Honors

  • Verizon Spotlight Award for performance excellence, 2019
  • Multiple Verizon Patent Awards for innovative digital experiences, 2018
  • Finalist at YouFab Global Creative Awards. 2016, Tokyo
  • Verizon Connected Futures Grant 2015-16, New York
  • Departmental Honors, AMT, Parsons, New York, 2016
  • The New Challenge Award for achievement in social innovation, The New School, New York, 2016
  • NYC Media Lab Combine Grant for Post from the Past, New York, 2015
  • A+E Networks History Design Jam Award, New York, 2015
  • Runner-Up at Hack Multiple Sclerosis Tech Hackathon, Boston, 2015 
  • Travel Fund awarded by The New School for research at Self Assembly Lab, New York, 2015
  • Travel Fund awarded by The New School for Biogen Idec Health 2.0 Hackathon, New York, 2015
  • Runner-Up at Pernod Ricard Hackathon, New York, 2015
  • Dean’s Merit Scholarship for MFA in Design & Technology, The New School, New York, 2014
  • Secured First Degree Division in B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering, CITM, India, 2012 
Projects 2014 - 2019

Selected Works

Collection of projects undertaken professionally, and as a student. These few selected projects span across disciplines of art, design and installation art.